Strategic insights and high velocity consulting for aligning corporate values, brand and products (inside) with consumer expectations and channels (outside).

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Too many organizations focus on the How and What, when clarity of purpose and performance most often starts by asking: Why?

Why did we start our company? Why did our first customers sign up? Why does the media contact us? Why do our employees stay late? Why do some go elsewhere?

IOOI (I-You) is a new consultancy focused on strategic alignment, growth strategies, and “small data” performance metrics – to help leadership teams ask the right question, test potential answers, and become more aware and agile in their daily routines. And ultimately gain clarity that frees up cycles to pursue personal passions or breakthrough initiatives that could benefit all stakeholders.

What could you do with a clean sheet?

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Are we there yet?

For established organizations looking to drive growth, IOOI offers focused executive workshops, retreats and studies to align inside and outside drivers, identify “experiments” and inspire small group initiatives (what we call expeditions).

For founders and early stage firms (and their investors), we offer on-call advisor relationships that may be structured as fee-based or equity-based retainer programs – aligned with critical areas like goal setting, product positioning, and market intelligence.

Each of our workshops or “Labs” involves leaders, experts and change agents, and follows a collaborative problem solving process (download IOOI Method Flipbook), with pre-work exercises, two 3hr group sessions, and on-call support for experiments. The first set of offerings are focused on key stages of the GTM lifecycle: Story, Channels and Influencers (Amplify), Content and Offers (Action), and Measurement (Tracker).

Plus, for marketing teams looking to boost demand performance and prepare for emerging compliance requirements like GDPR, we offer a deep-dive Funnel Lab.

IOOI services

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Looking to accelerate your growth strategies via one of our workshops, or have a custom market study in mind? Or want to invite an IOOI expert to speak at your company or industry event? Just contact us below and we’ll be in touch!